• 00Texxsuperstar00

    The lab

    January 23, 2017 by 00Texxsuperstar00

    The lab was cold that night, the operation was well under way. A live paralyzed rabbit was today's victim, scientists poked and prodded at the young buck's open skull. looking for the brain nerves and observing them pulse. It was around one a clock in the morning before the rabbit died. After their little experiment was over the scientists chucked the mutilated carcass into the trash. Bramble had to watch all two hours of his brother's torture from his own cage, awaiting the same fate...............

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  • 00Texxsuperstar00

    New movie?

    January 16, 2017 by 00Texxsuperstar00

    So i hear a new movie is being worked on. Are the rumors true? if so i hope there will be vore visuals and more scenes, also less blood in some places. Like when Bigwig is being strangled..... i dont know why he just starts bleeding, it makes no sence. SOZ for the spelling errors.

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  • Venus2000


    November 14, 2016 by Venus2000

    Name: Hybridina

    Species: hybrid

    Sex: doe

    Warren names: General Hybridina, Lady Hybridina, Mistress Hybridina

    Fur/Hair color: brown, purple, yellowish, red, gold, sky blue, ocean blue, magenta blond

    Origin: Watership Down

    Friends: Watership Down bunnies, humans, other living beings, ect

    Enemies: unknown

    Status: single

    Talents: unknown

    Eye color: gold, purple, red velvet, baby blue, sky blue, ocean blue, magenta

    Compliments given to her: beautiful, lovely, pretty, sexy, beautiful eyes, beautiful leader, ect

    Mate: none

    Crush: none

    Theme songs: All About Us, Left Behind, Show Me Love, Just The Way You Are, Flesh, Chica

    Bio: Hybridina. A beautiful sight. Hybridina, known as General Hybridina, Lady Hybridina, and Mistress Hybridina 'is the most beautiful doe a…

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  • Shelley.robinson.986


    January 25, 2014 by Shelley.robinson.986
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  • Icetalon of RiverClan

    Last night I had this really strange dream. It only lasted a few seconds before i woke up, but it was about a black rabbit bounding around, almost in a sort of slow motion, and for some reason it really scared me for a few seconds but then i went back to sleep. In fact, I forgot about it totally until today, when my brother saw a rabbit with myxomatosis in our field and the farmer who was delivering our hay bales had to kill it. Then i remembered my dream. Spooky coincidence...or is it that the Black Rabbit of Inle really does exist? No this is not some big spoof I made. I don't trick innocent wiki users into beleiving stuff that don't (or rather shouldn't) exist. And i'm not mad either, so is it true or just coincidence? Please give …

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  • Bigwigfan

    I am sorry to give sad news. The Hidden Burrow, one of the best websites on Watership Down, has "stopped running". I think it was too bad. It was one of my favorite sites.

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  • Bigwigfan

    Vervain's Return

    November 28, 2010 by Bigwigfan

    On Watership Down, Bigwig, Holly, and Fiver are silflaying when Captain Chervil runs up to them. Bigwig asks him what has happened. Chervil says a rabbit has come to Efrafa and wants to become the new Chief Rabbit, claiming that he had been Captain of Owsla under Woundwort when he was alive. Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Blackberry, Pipkin, and Dandelion then go to face the want-to-be-usurper. On the way Dandelion again tells the Story of the Blessing of El-ahrairah. On the way, the rabbits escape from a lendri. They arrive at Efrafa, and Campion greets them. He says that the rabbit who threatens his leadership so often has gotten some rabbits to join his band of hlessil. He also says that the rabbit comes dressed entirely with leaves and only app…

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