Bluebell was one of the survivors of the Sandleford Warren.

Book Edit

He, Holly, Pimpernel, and Toadflax escaped. But Toadflax soon died after they left Sandleford. They soon ran into the Warren of Snares, where they were ambushed by the Warren's chief, Cowslip, and his people, who killed Pimpernel. Holly cornered Cowslip and threatened to kill him if he didn't tell him where Hazel and Bigwig were.He said that they were on Watership Down. When they got up on the Down, Bluebell sensed elil coming towards them. Bluebell couldn't get Holly to move, so he fled into a bush. Holly shouted "ZORN!" and called Bigwig's name. Bigwig heard his calls, but he though that it was the Black Rabbit of Inle. He went up anyway and found Bluebell and Holly. So Bluebell and Holly were welcomed into the Watership Down Warren as brethren.

He is known to make jokes all the time. He chatters non-stop, and it helps Holly cheer up from the destruction and murder he had seen at the Sandleford Warren. He never stops joking and chattering unless something really shocking and serious happened, or if someone is telling a serious story. He is good friends with Holly and possibly Dandelion and Pipkin.

Bluebell is set to appear in the upcoming miniseries of Watership Down.