This is a list of episodes in Watership Down TV series

Season 1

The Promised Land

Home on the Down

The Easy Life

Strawberry Fayre

The Shadow of Efrafa

The Raid

The Challenge to Efrafa

Escape From Efrafa

The Vision

Tales of a Mouse


Friend and Enemy


Season 2

Prisoner Of Efrafa

The Roundabout

The Market

The Great Water

The Stand

The Orchard

The Great Game

Winter On Watership Down: Part 1

Winter On Watership Down: Part 2

The Mysterious Visitors

The Invasion

Bigwig's Way

The Homecoming

Season 3

The Last Battle (English-German translated title* Campion Lives)

A New World (English-German translated title* Woundwort Never Gives Up)

The Wanderers (English-German translated title* The Wanderer)

The Nestling (English-German translated title* The Challenge)

The Secret of Redstone (English-German translated title* Woundwort In A Trap) My Fair Gull (English-German translated title* Kehaar's Departure)

The Dark Deal (English-German translated title* Redstone Falls)

Darkhaven (English-German translated title* Magic)

The Eyes of Silverweed (English-German translated title* An Unfair Due)

The Spy (Same in both languages*) The Betrayal (English-German translated title* Campion's Betrayal)

The Beginning of The End (English-German translated title* Hannah's Big Achievement)

The Magic (English-German translated title* The Last Battle)

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