The Chief Rabbit is the leader of a Warren. The Chief has absolute authority over his warren and controls the Owsla of that warren.



The Threarah was the Chief Rabbit of the Sandleford Warren.

In the novel and film, the first Chief Rabbit to be seen and encountered was the Threarah (renamed Chief Rabbit in the film). He thought Fiver was incorrect that the warren would be destroyed, but as a result, Fiver was correct.


Cowslip is the Chief Rabbit of his warren, known as the The Warren of Snares.

The second Chief Rabbit to be encountered was Cowslip. Though his official consideration as a Chief Rabbit was not revealed until the television series, where he is named a Chief Rabbit.


Hazel founded his own warren after many danger situations.

Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, and the other rabbits, after so much exploring, found their own warren at Watership Down, Hampshire. This is the reason for the novel's name.


General Woundwort was the founder and Chief Rabbit of Efrafa until his death.

General Woundwort was the founder and Chief Rabbit of Efrafa. He got fooled by Bigwig and lost all his does. Chervil, one of his officers, was wounded. Later on, Woundwort started the Battle of Watership Down. This later originated some horrifying events, such as releasing Bob and a brutal fight with Woundwort and Bigwig. When Bigwig said he is not the Chief Rabbit, Woundwort was stunned and heard Campion's cries when Bob reached Watership Down. Woundwort later went out to fight the dog, but he was presumably killed.

Campion became the Efrafan Chief Rabbit after Woundwort's defeat.

Campion became the new Efrafan Chief Rabbit.

Groundsel is the founder and Chief Rabbit of Vleflain, as Granite with the Darkhaven Warren.

Noted Chief RabbitsEdit