Hawkbit was a rabbit that came from Sandleford Warren to Watership Down along with the other Watership rabbits. He was a very serious rabbit who always talked sarcastically towards things. He is also good friends with Acorn, Speedwell, Buckthorn, and Dandelion.


Watership DownEdit

Described in the beginning as a "rather slow, stupid rabbit" in the book, Hawkbit joins Hazel's company in the escape from Sandleford. Together with Speedwell and Acorn, he begins complaining and insisting on returning to the warren, but is brow-beaten into submission by Bigwig. Later, Hawkbit apologizes to Hazel and from thence forth is a loyal and dependable follower. His solo foray leads him to discover the existing scrape runs on Watership Down, thus saving his comrades from spending their first night there in the open.

The Film Edit

Despite Hawkbit not appearing in the film, the character of Silver shares numerous similarities with the book counterpart of Hawkbit, essentially serving as the film counterpart of Hawkbit under the name of Silver.

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV series, Hawkbit is a sardonic and dry wit rabbit who always has a sarcastic comment for every situation, but is a dependable member of the warren whenever help is needed. An outstanding example of the effect Hazel has upon those rabbits who would otherwise have been totally disregarded in the warren hierarchy, he later becomes a good friend of the more cerebral Dandelion and during the last season settles down with Clover.


Hawkbit appears in the miniseries where he is voiced by Mackenzie Crook.

Hawkbit in the miniseries

In this adaptation, he competes with Dandelion for the heart of Strawberry (who is portrayed as female). However in the end, Strawberry chooses to be with Bigwig.

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Lee Ross in the television series and by Mackenzie Crook in the miniseries.