"Not this time you silly old Weasel

- Yona

Home on the Down is second episode of Season 1.

Home on the Down
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Hazel and the rest get use to there new home at Watership Down, Then they have a Bobstones challange and if Bigwig's team wins they don't have to dig (like does said by Bigwig) and if Hazel/Blackberry's team wins they get to dig and Hazel/Blackberry's team win.





  • This marks the first appearence of Captain Holly Yona and the game Bobstones to the TV Series, It Also marks the first ever appearence of the Weasel and the first and only appearance of Pana.


  • During the Bobstones Game when Pipkin says "Guess this one right and you win!", Blackberry has disapeared.

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