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Hyzenthlay as portrayed in the Film

Place of Origin:Efrafa
Death: alive (as of Watership Down)
Appears in: Watership Down, Tales from Watership Down
Film appearances
Appears in: The Film

Hyzenthlay was an Efrafan doe and one of the representative leaders of a group who unsuccessfully tried to convince General Woundwort to allow herself and some other does to leave the warren due to overcrowding. When Bigwig infiltrated Efrafa, secretly planning to help some does escape, he befriends Hyzenthlay. She is described as sensible and strong and able to think on her own account, just what Bigwig needs in a friend during this dangerous mission. Lead by Bigwig, she is one of the rabbits who escapes along with Blackavar and other Efrafan does to live in the Watership Down Warren. After the escape, the Battle of Watership Down took place soon after they returned to Watership Down Warren. The Watership rabbits won the Battle against Efrafa.


Hyzenthlay at Efrafra

She was also a seer who has visions off General Woundwort's attack, the freeing of the Nuthangar Farm, and Hazel riding in a car.

Hyzenthlay soon mates with Hazel and in the sequel, Tales from Watership Down becomes a Co-Chief rabbit of Watership Down.

In the film, it is said by one of Efrafa's generals that she is a disturber. Also, it's mentioned that the council ordered to be strictly supervised by one of the generals.


She is described by Bigwig as being smart and sensible, but also strong, tough and able to think on her own account.


  • Her name means "fur shining like dew" in the Lapine language.
  • She appears to have some form of sixth sense, having visions of the future while living in Efrafa.

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