Lapine is the language of rabbits. Some elil are known to speak Lapine as well.

Here is al list of words from the Lapine language:

  • Bob-Stones: A traditional game played by rabbits. It uses small stones and/or fragments of sticks. It is a very simple game of gambling on the lines of odds or evens. A "cast" of stones on the ground is covered with the player's front paw. The opponent must then guess what lays under that paw. Some examples include: one or two, light or dark, rough or smooth.
  • Crixa: The center of Efrafa, at the crossing of two paths.
  • elil: Enemies of rabbits, including fox, stoat, weasel, cat, owl, man, etc.
  • embleer: Stinking, the word for the smell of a fox.
  • flay: Food, specifically grass or other greens.
  • flayrah: Unusually good food, such as lettuce, carrots, etc.
  • Frith: The Sun, viewed by the rabbits as God.
  • Frithrah: "Lord Sun", used as an exclamation. Analogous to "My God!"
  • fu-Inlé: After moonrise.
  • hain: A song.
  • hlao: A depression in the ground formed by a daisy or a thistle, specifically one that can hold moisture. Also used as a rabbit's name.
  • hlessi: A rabbit who lives aboveground or otherwise out of a warren; a wandering rabbit. Plural hlessil.
  • homba: A fox. Plural hombil.
  • hrair: Many, uncountable, any number above four. It also means thousand, a big, uncountable number.
  • hraka: Droppings, excreta. Used as a curse.
  • hrududu: Any type of motor vehicle, such as a tractor, car or train. Plural hrududil
  • Inlé: The moon, moonrise. Also means fear, darkness or death (as in the Black Rabbit of Inlé)
  • lendri: A badger.
  • li: Head.
  • marli: A doe,a mother.
  • m'saion: "We meet them"
  • narn: Nice, tasty.
  • ni-Frith: Noon.
  • nildro: A blackbird.
  • Owsla: A group of strong rabbits second year or older surrounding the chief rabbit.
  • pfeffa: A cat.
  • -rah: A suffix denoting meaning prince, lord or Chief Rabbit (as in Threarah, Hazel-rah)
  • -roo: A diminutive suffix meaning "little" (as in Hlao-roo or Hrairoo).
  • silf: Outside.
  • silflay: To eat above ground; to graze.
  • tharn: A state of paralyzed fear or confusion. Can also be used to mean "looking foolish", "forlorn", "heartbroken".
  • thlay: Fur.
  • threar: A Rowan or Mountain Ash tree.
  • u: The.
  • U hrair: "The Thousand". The term used by rabbits which refers to all their collective enemies.
  • vair: To excrete, to pass droppings.
  • yona: A hedgehog. Plural yonil.
  • zorn: Destroyed, murdered. A catastrophe.

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