Nuthanger Farm video game

Nuthanger Farm (mobile game for iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones and tablets) is currently in development.  

The Game: Oh no! The farm rabbits have escaped their hutch and the wild rabbits are trying to mate with them!!!

Stop the madness by drawing fences to separate the male and female rabbits. If a male and female rabbit collide, they make a new rabbit;  you'll  have to fence off the baby bunnies too before they grow into full grown reproducing rabbits!  

The game gets increasingly harder within a level as more rabbits collide creating even more rabbits.  The levels get harder too as enemies like foxes and "dogs on the loose" appear in the field - each with the intent of eating your rabbits!  

The more rabbits you have fenced, the higher your points, so you don't want to lose them! But you also don't want so many that you can't control the population growth either.

Game End:  You need carrots to keep your rabbits well fed.  Run out of carrots and the game ends.  Or, lose all your rabbits and the game ends. Or, have a population explosion; if things get so out of hand that there are more rabbits than field to put them in... the game ends. 

The game will also be peppered with mini-games to unlock.  Games based on more scenes from the book/movie/TV-show.  For example, you may have to manouver your device to get the rabbit raft down the meandering river, or get the rabbits across a busy road.

Current Development:Edit

The developers are currently working on a demo of the movement mechanics, screen design and character designs. They are currently fundraising to improve the demo in order to secure a major game developer who requested a more fully featured demo.

They are currently looking to raise funds via Indiegogo at for:

  • $250 for more graphic designs of:
    • the characters
    • game play area
    • screen shots
  • $500 for more features in the movement mechanics demo. For example:
    • To include self-drawing fences that stop when it meets an existing fence
    • To have the fence and rabbit disappear if they collide while the line is being drawn 
    • To have the grey rabbits grow into adults in 20 seconds (which will demonstrate a population explosion)
    • After successfully corraling the rabbits, the game will restart with one additional male and female rabbit. 
  • any overage will go into developing the carrot field, point system and possibly audio track and sound effects.  Extreme overages that exceed the money needed for the demo will go towards the development of the final game.

More information including demo and graphic designs can be found at : 

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