Richard David Briers, CBE (14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013) was an English actor. His fifty-year career encompassed television, stage, film and radio.

Briers first came to prominence as George Starling in Marriage Lines (1961–66), but it was a decade later, when he narrated Roobarb and Noah and Nelly in... SkylArk (1974–76) and when he played Tom Good in the BBC sitcom The Good Life (1975–78), that he became a household name. Later, he starred as Martin in Ever Decreasing Circles (1984–89), and he had a leading role as Hector in Monarch of the Glen (2000–02). From the late 1980s, with Kenneth Branagh as director, he performed Shakespearean roles. He voiced Fiver in Watership Down, Rat in Mole's Christmas, The Adventures of Mole and The Adventures of Toad, Noah and Nelly in... SkylArk, Robert in Bob the Builder, Mouse in Mouse and Mole at Christmas Time, Captain Broom in The Watership Down TV Series, Noddy, Alias in Alias the Jester and Storytime: The Elves and The Shoemaker

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