Rowsby Woof is a story that is told by Dandelion. Rowsby Woof is a gullible Dog that is tricked by El-ahrairah so that the rabbits can get the lettuce that Rowsby is guarding. Rowsby Woof is obviously not a very smart dog, as he is easily tricked.


El-ahrairah dresses up as a spirit sent by the Queen of Dogs to tell Rowsby that he is the best ratter in the world, and has been chosen to meet her, as long as he goes to the crossroads by his house at midnight. Rowsby obeys, wanting to meet the Queen. The Fairy Wogdog, who is actually El-ahrairah, then tells him that the Queen is sick with the plague and the only cure is that if a dog would run around his house four times barking as loud as he could, the plague would go away. While Rowsby is doing this, El-ahrairah's partner, Rabscuttle steals the lettuce in the garden that Rowsby Woof is guarding. Everyone benefits because Rowsby Woof feels like he saved the Queen of the Dogs, even if there is no such dog, and El-ahrairah, Rabscuttle, and all the other rabbits get a bountiful supply of lettuce!