Strawberry was a buck from Cowslip's Warren and he was described as large but dandy, as was typical of Cowslip's Warren rabbits. His doe, a character named Nildro-hain, was killed in a snare. When Hazel and the other Sandleford Warren Survivors left the Warren of Snares, Strawberry begged to join them. Hazel agreed that he could join the group. Although Hazel notices that Strawberry has a harder time traveling, he was said to have never complained and arrived with the others when they found the Watership Down Warren. This article is a stub. You can help by expanding it

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Strawberry is a lazy rabbit after leaving with Hazel and the others from the Warren of the Shining Wires, since he likes to sleep in the burrow a lot. But later he becomes dependable after realizing that he wasn't being very helpful towards the Watership Down rabbits.

Strawberry stuck under a log

In season 3, Strawberry's color has changed to dark-pink and he has a much larger role. He has joined Bigwig's Owsla and is a skilled fighter and digger. He eventually becomes stuck under a tree during a training excerise, and is freed by Dandelion and Hawkbit. After Fiver has a vision of Hawkbit being killed, Strawberry is ordered by Bigwig to keep him in the warren at all times, pinning him to the ground and even fighting Hawkbit at one point. In The Magic, he is seen fighting several of the Darkhaven Owsla, and in the Watership Down warren when the storm takes away General Woundwort and his Darkhaven army.

Miniseries Edit

Strawberry will appear in the upcoming miniseries of Watership Down.