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Tales from Watership downEdit

Is made up of a collection of nineteen short stories by Richard Adams, published in 1996 as a follow up to Adam's highly successful 1972 novel about the rabbits Watership Down .

It consists of a number of short stories of rabbits mythologhy, followed by several chapters featuring characters from the earlier book

Like the books predecessor, Tales from Watership Down features epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter and a Lapine glossary

Its divided into three parts: 

The First consists of five traditional stories of the rabbits' mythical hero  El-ahrairah (The Prince with a Thousand Enemies and two more modern rabbit stories.

The Second contains four episodes recounting events that befell El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle on their return from  their encounter with the Black Rabbit of Inlé,

The Third contains eight chapters dealing with the Watership warren in the months during the winter, spring and early summer following the events of the defeat of General Woundwort.

Five new characters are also introduced:

Flyairth, a doe who threatens to undermine the stability of Watership Down;

Sandwort, a disrespectful young buck who eventually changes his ways;

Coltsfoot, a depressed buck whom Fiver befriends;

Stonecrop, an escaped hutch rabbit;

Nyreem, an Efrafan doe with an injured leg. 

Part OneEdit

Part One is about the tales of El-ahrairah. This records an opening with Hazel and Company. These are the stories of event that ocoured after El-ahrairah met with the Black Rabbit of Inle.

Part TwoEdit

Part Two is about El-ahrairah again and his friend, Rabscuttle on their way back from the warren of the dead.

Part ThreeEdit

We once again see Hazel, Fiver, and the rest and hear about their stories and happenings after the summer of General Woundwort's attack, but prior to Hazel's death.

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