The Council was created by General Woundwort in Efrafa to help keep watch over the warren when Woundwort himself could no longer keep track of all of his rabbits himself. Members of the Council were picked either from the Owsla or were picked solely for their cunning, strength or loyalty. The Council is the highest rank of any officer in Efrafa — even the Owsla fear the Council. Every Owsla officer dreams of becoming a member of th

The Council as represented in the film.

e Council.

The Council was in charge of many of the going-ons in Efrafa, including the punishment of rabbits who tried to leave the warren or who were spreading dissent among the Marks, as well as controlling when and how burrows were to be dug.

The only mentioned Council officer by name in the novel was Snowdrop, a very elderly, nearly-deaf Council officer who helped organize the warren so that every rabbit in Efrafa would be safe and undetected by elil or man.