"It's called Watership Down!"

"Watership Down, Home!"

- Hannah and Fiver at Watership Down

The Promised Land
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The Promised Land is the first episode of the first series of the TV series. It aired in 1999.

Plot Edit

A group of wandering rabbits leave from their doomed home and after many obstacles, they find Watership Down, an upland meadow. Soon they realize they have no does! They end up getting many does which they bring back to their home warren and mate with them. At Watership Down, they befriend a mouse and a gull who both help them tremendously.




  • Blackberry has changed friom a buck to doe.
  • Silver, Speedwell, Acorn, Buckthorn and the character from the Violet do not appear. It is currently unknown if Violet was just a one-off character for the film.
  • This episode marks the return of Hawkbit who appeared in the book, but not the film.
  • In the novel, the boat used to cross the River Enborne is a plank. In this episode, it is a log.
  • Bob is replaced by another dog called Duster, Also the same with Tab who gets replaced by another cat called Tabitha.
  • There is no Hannah in the novel, and Kehaar is found after they reach Watership Down.