Toadflax was a rabbit that was a member of the Sandleford Owsla at the Sandleford Warren. He was a bully who threatened other Sandleford rabbits.

Appearance Edit

Toadflax is a large brown rabbit with a lighter brown pattern along his body. He has large brown eyes and big ears.

Book & Movie Edit

He once found Fiver about to eat a piece of cowslip. He told him to leave, but Hazel came in and said "But Fiver found it, Toadflax." Toadflax replied, "And we'll eat it! Cowslip is for Owsla! You know that!"

Toadflax was one of the rabbits to escape with Captain Holly, Bluebell, and Pimpernel. Unfortunately, Toadflax inhaled too much poison, went mad and died. After Bluebell stated something about how the men hated them for raiding their crops and eating their lettuce, Toadflax replied with his last words, "That wasn't why they destroyed the Warren. It was just because we were in the way. They killed us to suit themselves."