On Watership Down, Bigwig, Holly, and Fiver are silflaying when Captain Chervil runs up to them. Bigwig asks him what has happened. Chervil says a rabbit has come to Efrafa and wants to become the new Chief Rabbit, claiming that he had been Captain of Owsla under Woundwort when he was alive. Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Blackberry, Pipkin, and Dandelion then go to face the want-to-be-usurper. On the way Dandelion again tells the Story of the Blessing of El-ahrairah. On the way, the rabbits escape from a lendri. They arrive at Efrafa, and Campion greets them. He says that the rabbit who threatens his leadership so often has gotten some rabbits to join his band of hlessil. He also says that the rabbit comes dressed entirely with leaves and only appears at a distance, so that they can't recognize him. That rabbit then comes up on a bank above them, raving that same threat. He then trips on some stones and falls right in front of them, causing some leaves to fall from him. Blackberry seems to recognize some of the fur on the rabbit. He rips off the rest of the leaves and knows he was right on who it was. It is Captain Vervain! Vervain threatens to kill Blackberry but Fiver jumps in front of Blackberry, so he gets clawed instead. Blackberry then leaps at Vervain, but he gets clawed, too. Then Bigwig and Hazel pin Vervain down by the shoulders. But Vervain breaks free and runs away. Being the fastest, Dandelion speeds after him. They reach a river and have a fierce fight before Vervain commences his run. But Dandelion catches up to him however, but then accidentally pushes him down a homba's den. A moment later Dandelion hears a homba growling and Vervain shrieking. Then there is silence. Dandelion returns to Efrafa and tells Campion he won't ever have to deal with Vervain again, thanks to a homba. The rabbits from Watership Down then return home where Kehaar is waiting for them with some of his newly born offspring.

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