Last night I had this really strange dream. It only lasted a few seconds before i woke up, but it was about a black rabbit bounding around, almost in a sort of slow motion, and for some reason it really scared me for a few seconds but then i went back to sleep. In fact, I forgot about it totally until today, when my brother saw a rabbit with myxomatosis in our field and the farmer who was delivering our hay bales had to kill it. Then i remembered my dream. Spooky coincidence...or is it that the Black Rabbit of Inle really does exist? No this is not some big spoof I made. I don't trick innocent wiki users into beleiving stuff that don't (or rather shouldn't) exist. And i'm not mad either, so is it true or just coincidence? Please give me your views on this, it is really wierd.

P.S i'm new here! I'm actually a member of Warriors Wiki, but i like the look of this one too.

Icey 14:49, June 9, 2011 (UTC)

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