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  • My occupation is being a professional fangirl
  • I am the founder of The Silver Eye wiki and the main bureaucrat/admin of the Maze Runner, Beyonders, and Fablehaven wikis
  • Jukka the Sling

    This wiki seriously needs an admin to protect the main page from vandals, delete vulgar and spammy pages, and generally make this place better. We're getting several hundred hits a week, and yet this place is in a state of disarray.

    Someone knowledgeable in Watership Down lore needs to adopt this wiki. Please. Running a wiki isn't hard (I run four myself), and you would be giving this place new life. I don't think I would make a good admin here myself, since I don't consider myself a Watership Down fan - I never actually read the book properly, although I have seen most of the animated series.

    If you're reading this post, please comment below with your thoughts and/or suggestions. I felt it was about time someone brought this up.

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