Name: Hybridina

Species: hybrid

Sex: doe

Warren names: General Hybridina, Lady Hybridina, Mistress Hybridina

Fur/Hair color: brown, purple, yellowish, red, gold, sky blue, ocean blue, magenta blond

Origin: Watership Down

Friends: Watership Down bunnies, humans, other living beings, ect

Enemies: unknown

Status: single

Talents: unknown

Eye color: gold, purple, red velvet, baby blue, sky blue, ocean blue, magenta

Compliments given to her: beautiful, lovely, pretty, sexy, beautiful eyes, beautiful leader, ect

Mate: none

Crush: none

Theme songs: All About Us, Left Behind, Show Me Love, Just The Way You Are, Flesh, Chica

Bio: Hybridina. A beautiful sight. Hybridina, known as General Hybridina, Lady Hybridina, and Mistress Hybridina 'is the most beautiful doe and leader of Watership Down. She is known to be very attractive. Not the normal attractive. But the sexy attractive. Every buck without a mate are head over heals over her and can tend to fight over her to see who can be her all time mate. Even Mateless does have fallen for her. And Hybridina surprisingly respects it. She became a primary lust target. Why, you ask? Well, ever since she returned to Watership Down. Everyone became extremely happy for her return, that matelass bucks and does fell in love with her. Unlike other female living things, Hybridina is a very well trained warrior with an gorgeous singing voice and amazing dancing. Hybridina iis also targeted for assassination and every warren are protecting her from her assassinarors and each other because of the war they're going through for years. Mostly from her assassinators. Why, you ask? Hybridina is future queen of three universes. And an evil king is after her after a arranged marriage has been rejected by her murdered parents. But his son is the only one who won't kill her. Because his feelings for her is too powerful for such hatred which made him leave his home planet to find his future queen after his father's disappearance and after finding out he was planning on killing her.

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