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  • Wolf4423091

    Tiger lily

    July 25, 2017 by Wolf4423091

    Name: Tigerlily

    Speices: rabbit

    Gender: doe

    Apperance: white fur and red eyes

    Mate: none

    Crush: none

    Personality: sassy, cute and cunning, Tigerlily is that one doe in the warren who is usally getting all the bucks. She is a bit sneaky and sometimes she can be rude, but she is usally kind to people she likes.

    Warren: watership down

    Place of birth: nuthanger farm

    Theme songs (oh crap): sweet devil, acapella, and killer lady

    Bio: Tigerlily was born and raised at nuthanger farm (i have no clue if I spelled it right) one day, her brother, Walnut wanted to see the wilderness, so they escaped from their pens, at first it seemed peaceful, but then a owl attacked, a member of the warren saw this (luckily a strong one) and saved them, and since they cannot f…

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  • Wolf4423091


    July 25, 2017 by Wolf4423091

    Name: kira

    Speices: rabbit

    Gender: female

    Age: a tiny bit younger than fiver

    Apperance: kira is a black rabbit with white patches, she has brown eyes and long ears

    Crush/Senpai: fiver

    Mate: none

    Kits: none

    Theme songs (do i have to add these?): saw and pengelum, matryoshka, iNsAnItY, soap, mad hatter

    Warren: watership down (duh!)

    Place of birth: Cowslip's warren

    Personity: kira is... A bit insane, she is, as some would say,a yandere, but thats not all of her personality, she never murderd anyone, but she does stalk her "senpai", fiver (the best rabbit ever) she also has a weird obsession with feathers, plucking it off alive and dead birds

    Backstory: kira was born in Cowslip's warren a long time ago, but she never liked it there, she always dreamed of …

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  • Wolf4423091


    July 25, 2017 by Wolf4423091

    This OC was deleted cuz there is a canon character of the same name

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  • Wolf4423091
    1. 1 Is it just me or does Pipkin look like a little brown marshmallow
    2. 2 i'm sorry bigwig, but Fiver is best character. He is just better.

    Some random rabbit: fiver, please stop taking drugs

    1. 4 are any of these jokes funny?
    2. 5 some of the Efian rabbits's names are just fun to say.

    Feel free to comment suggsted jokes and confessions.

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