Name: kira

Speices: rabbit

Gender: female

Age: a tiny bit younger than fiver

Apperance: kira is a black rabbit with white patches, she has brown eyes and long ears

Crush/Senpai: fiver

Mate: none

Kits: none

Theme songs (do i have to add these?): saw and pengelum, matryoshka, iNsAnItY, soap, mad hatter

Warren: watership down (duh!)

Place of birth: Cowslip's warren

Personity: kira is... A bit insane, she is, as some would say,a yandere, but thats not all of her personality, she never murderd anyone, but she does stalk her "senpai", fiver (the best rabbit ever) she also has a weird obsession with feathers, plucking it off alive and dead birds

Backstory: kira was born in Cowslip's warren a long time ago, but she never liked it there, she always dreamed of living in a warren on top of a tall hill, with a handsome mate, and some kits. When hazel and his "gang" as she called it, showed up, she instantly fell in love with hazels little brother, fiver, when she heared they were leaving, she stalked them, just so she can follow her senpai, after they settled in and the war with efrfa (I don't know how to spell it), she asked if she can join. She spent most of her days stalking fiver, listening to stories and collecting feathers, although fiver hasn't noticed her stalking him and watching him, he does know she can be a bit off her rocker sometimes. Kira is pretty odd. And she thinks one day, her senpai will love her, and they will have kits. Even though that day might never happen. At least she got her dream home, like seriously, they live on a giant hill.

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