Name: Tigerlily

Speices: rabbit

Gender: doe

Apperance: white fur and red eyes

Mate: none

Crush: none

Personality: sassy, cute and cunning, Tigerlily is that one doe in the warren who is usally getting all the bucks. She is a bit sneaky and sometimes she can be rude, but she is usally kind to people she likes.

Warren: watership down

Place of birth: nuthanger farm

Theme songs (oh crap): sweet devil, acapella, and killer lady

Bio: Tigerlily was born and raised at nuthanger farm (i have no clue if I spelled it right) one day, her brother, Walnut wanted to see the wilderness, so they escaped from their pens, at first it seemed peaceful, but then a owl attacked, a member of the warren saw this (luckily a strong one) and saved them, and since they cannot find there home (seriously? Its like, right over there!) they joined the warren. She learned how to dig and all that fun stuff, oh, and she got a LOT of bucks, like seriously, SHE LOOKS LIKE THE F*#KING EASTER BUNNY! So yeah.... I guess thats her life so far.

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