Wide patrol

Campion and Vervain on Wide Patrol.

Wide Patrols were devised by General Woundwort in Efrafa. The Wide Patrol's main goal was to patrol the areas surrounding Efrafa, to find hlessil or elil, or to learn more about the immediate territory. Woundwort would often lead Wide Patrols himself, picking five or six members of the Owsla, but soon gave this duty to his higher-ranking officers. Wide Patrols were forbidden to raid gardens or farms, and to stay as far from man as possible.

Because Wide Patrols often looked for elil, hlessil or other enemies, casualties were high, but because of warren pride many Owsla and Owslafa members were eager to join Wide Patrols despite the risks. Patrols were regarded as "training grounds" for new Owsla or Owslafa members, and taught bucks how to be cunning trackers, swift runners and fierce fighters.